We celebrate unity? Let’s achieve it first!

Up in Berlin in the following week: A street festival in the course of the festivities for the German reunification. These festivities take place in a different state of Germany each year and are around “to celebrate freedom, diversity and democracy“. And we’re very proud to get a chance to speak at this inclusive event. Because there’s a few challenges ahead of us.

One of it is to channel the power, energy and motivation which the people felt during the process of the re-unification of Germany into a positive striving for a united Europe. We grew up without a divided Europe or a divided Germany, and we are still wondering why European experiences and biographies, apart from short vacation trips, keep to be an elitist thing.

Our solution to change this is introducing a European Community Service. It would lift our Europe out of a small, mainly academic and political bubble, and deliver for each individual and citizen. This is what we will strive for – and what we will be giving a talk about during the “Nur mit Euch” / “Only with You” called street festival for social participation and engagement.

Meet us on Monday, 01/10/2018, 14.20 in the TINCON tent over here:

This possibility is given through the beautiful TINCON conference. Find more interesting topics young people dare to speak about in the coming days on their website!

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Young European studying Liberal Arts & Sciences in Maastricht.